Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alien: Isolation [DX11]

Alien: Isolation (DirectX11) - 3D Vision Fix

3DMigoto, DX11, 3D Vision fix by mike_ar69 and bo3b

This game is a real showcase for how 3D can take a game to a whole new level, and makes it quite a bit more terrifying.

The game runs very well, SLI is supported and runs well with a good profile. In general, you can run the game in 3D with all settings at max. Be sure to use Deep Color to improve the black levels and banding.

This fix is not quite done, but definitely playable and a good experience already.  We will be trying to improve the planar reflections and the HUD.

  1. Change game profile using NVidia Inspector as described here.  Any driver 344.16 and below have poor profiles. We've used Aliens:Colonial Marines profile successfully. Changing profiles allows you to save your convergence with Ctrl-F7, improves SLI scaling, but isn't required for the fix.
  2. Run the game once to make sure it's installed, resolution and refresh are like you want.  Make sure 3D kicks in. It will look terrible.
  3. Get the fix as a zip file from here:
  4. Unzip the files and ShaderFixes folder into the game directory, for example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Alien Isolation\
  5. With that installed you should be able to run and see the fix. 

  1. Lensflare and bloom are disabled by default.
    Re-enable them if you prefer.  Edit the d3dx.ini and set the [Constants] field w=1.  By default this is zero, off.
  2. HUD+UI depth, including crosshair, are set to screen depth by default.
    Set the depth if you prefer. Edit the d3dx.ini file, and set the [Constants] x=0.4 for depth, x=-0.2 for pop-out.
    Note that this also affects some in-game items like terminals, which is why it's x=0 by default.

x = 0 // HUD depth, 0.8=in screen, 0=screen depth, -0.2=popout
y = 0.05 // reflection correction
z = 0 // Unused
w = 0 // Set to 1 to enable lens flare and bloom

Known Issues

  1. Some lights will snap to different positions as you get close. 
  2. Planar reflections off floors is only approximate. Some are not yet fixed. Can be disabled altogether in game's video settings.
  3. Some particle effects from fires are 2D (seen in benchmark, maybe elsewhere).
  4. Aiming crosshair and dot are at screen depth.
  5. Depth of Field will make the blurred part 2D. 
  6. AA and AF are broken in game, not by us.  Use downsampling, DSR, or SuperSampling for AA instead.
  7. You may see ghosting because of hardware.  The game is super high contrast, and bright lights in dark rooms can expose hardware limitations.  Adjust your contrast and brightness and LightBoost to minimize it.

Screenshot Gallery

Geforce forum thread

This fix is also compatible with the visual tweaks suggested here.

Thanks again to Helix and eqzitara for supporting 3Dmigoto fixes on HelixModBlog.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


patch by: 4everAwake

-halos, bloom, crosshair

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
-Press the 'Q' key to toggle bloom & god rays.  (ON by default)
-Keep the FOV setting in the menu at 82.5 (default).

Wings! Remastered Edition

patch by: 4everAwake

-shadows, target reticle

-Download this ZIP file & extract the contents into the directory that contains the game's EXE file.

Additional Notes:
-Press the 'Q' key to cycle convergence (2 presets). Use the higher convergence preset when in top-down mode.
-(Optional) Turn on "target reticle" in the menu.

Montague's Mount [UPDATED]

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Montague's

Update v3: - I've finished the game and fixed some remaining issues:

  • Fixed bloom around lights once electricity has been turned on
  • Approximate fix for interior and spot light shadows
  • Inventory text depth fixed

Update v2:

  • Shadows fixed thanks to 4everAwake
  • Lens flare fixed
  • Switched to use the Harry Potter profile by default, which seems a little more stable than the Aion profile (still sometimes see flickering - alt+tab out and in until it goes away).

RECOMMENDED: Use nVidia Inspector to assign this game to the "Harry Potter - Deathly Hollows Part1" profile. The game will try to use this profile automatically, but it doesn't always work (and can randomly stop working) - much better to manually assign it with nVidia inspector.

If the shadows are broken or you are seeing severe flickering or haloing on some surfaces try alt+tabbing out and in of the game (you may need to try several times) - both Helix mod and the driver profile seem to be really inconsistent with this game.

Do not change the FOV from the default value of 65 - I realise that is lower than some people would like, but the shadow fix would have to be recalibrated for different FOV settings. I wasn't able to get shadows from interior lights to line up perfectly at all distances from the camera, so I chose the best value I could for each. Exterior shadows don't have this issue.

The HUD depth can be customised with the keys on the number row, and tilde to return to screen depth.


For some reason Helix mod doesn't always engage when launching the game, (easy to tell as the shadows will be broken and the HUD depth customisation won't work) - try disabling and enabling 3D or alt+tabbing out and in until it works.

If you get flickering on some surfaces like the grass, try alt+tabbing out and in a few times until it stops and the shadows look right (may take a few attempts). Make sure the game is assigned to the Harry Potter profile and not Aion, since the Harry Potter profile seems to be a bit more reliable.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Borderlands : The Pre-Sequel 3D Vision Patch

Fixed: Shadows, hud, etc
Update: Added depth option to subtitles.

Custom Hud Depth
Adjust your depth/convergence settings then using F1-F6. Find the hud depth that suits you. 
F1: Max Depth Hud
F2-F6: Custom Hud Depth settings.
F8: Will toggle subtitle depth

Hold down right mouse click and adjust convergence till you are happy with gunsights then click F7.
Hud will automatically change to max depth while right click/gunsights are in use for convenience.
Please note if using a controller you must use an application such as AHK/JOY2KEY.

-You must use Alice Madness Returns Profile!(Nvidia assigned the wrong profile to game)
Use nvidia inspector to do this. Open nvidia inspector. Click wrench/screwdriver icon. Select Borderlands The Pre-Sequel from drop down. Remove BorderlandsPreSequel.exe. Save. Select Alice Madness Returns. Add BorderlandsPreSequel.exe[..\steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands The Pre-Sequel\Binaries\Win32]. Save. Play.
Sli Compatibility Bits: 0x02406405 ::: AntiAliasing Compatibility 0x200012C1
-Field of Vision[FOV]
If you are adjusting from the default in game FOV. It is recommended not to exceed 95 FOV.

Install to... 
..\steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands The Pre-Sequel\Binaries\Win32

No Crosshair Version[Experimental]
You may have to tweak convergence to get this to work. Crosshair is removed but will reappear when right click is held down (for scoped weapons and rifles). Long story short I seperated the crosshair out as much as possible then punched a whole in the middle of hud screen. It works pretty well but it may cause certain hud elements to not show correctly when they are in same position that crosshair was in. I will not be offering additional support on this method.
..\steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands The Pre-Sequel\Binaries\Win32

If you crash on game launcher
Right click on the game --> properties --> define Startup Commands.
Add the start command -NoLauncher , into the Steam startup commands.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dark Souls 2

Fix by Helifax

- Made some shadows which previously were rendering 2D now render 3D. (Like in Majula)
- Fixed some shadows on walls. Previously in one eye they were black.
- Removed some other minor shadows here and there.
- Pushed the whole UI in depth.
- Added 2 convergence presets on F1: Higher convergence / low convergence (almost like the default one). You can increase them and save them with F7.
- Removed some annoying reflections on the character's armor
- Removed some shadows that were introduced in the DLCs.
- Reflections:
- Fixed the reflections to some degree. => If the reflections are fixed the dynamic shadows (from torches) render at a very high depth.
Therefor you have 2 options:
a. Disable shadows altogether. => Not really recommended.
b. Added a Reflection preset swap on F2. => If you go to a location (like Dranglic Castle) and you see lighting issues on walls or floor (like main hall) press F2 to align them. If you are using the torch in some places and the dynamic shadows bother you to much you can press F2 again to align the shadows but will break the reflections/ lighting in that place. - You can change the HUD depth from the Ini file if you want to.

- The shadows/reflections are an approximation since they do some weird stuff in the shaders and I wasn't able to figure it out exactly how it works. (too many defined constant magical numbers in there)

- Tested on Single & Surround and works the same.
- If you are playing with a gamepad (Which I highly recommend) you can use XPADDER to bind F1/F2 to some gamepad keys as well.

KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A PERFECT FIX, just an improvement over the default game that should make 3D Vision Rendering BETTER !s

Put the content from the archive next to the game exe.
Dark Souls 2 Fix