Thursday, August 18, 2016

I Am Weapon: Revival

Not a bad little twin-stick shooter. Surprisingly nice graphics, dynamic lighting, and really nice aesthetics that look like they are pulled right out of a Tim Burton movie. Good thing it looks so good, though, because there's quite a few gameplay design issues that I'm not a fan of, such as infinite respawning enemies (that, worst of all, can and will spawn behind you), unable to rebind controls, and also:

Unfortunately that meme is not an exaggeration. Anyway, I think the pro's slightly outweigh the cons and make it a worthwhile game to play for some mindless violence & decent visuals if you can pick it up on the cheap. Also, even though it's a twin stick shooter, I recommend playing with a keyboard and mouse for more accurate aiming. You'll most likely need it!


1. Download fix: HERE
2. Unzip file to game directory where IAmWeaponRevival.exe exists
3. Add IAmWeaponRevival.exe to 3D-Hub Video Player using Nvidia Inspector
4. Add launch option "-window-mode exclusive" without the quotes
5. Recommend increasing convergence until cursor is aligned with character's head.

Tools used for this fix:

-3DMigoto DX11 wrapper
-DarkStarSword's Unity 5.3 template

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn v1.0 W.I.P

Hi All,

I have yet another fix and this time a MMO FFXIV: A Realm Reborn..

First off you need to associate the ffxiv_dx11.exe with a Working 3D PRofile under DX11. I used The Witcher 3 again..

Here is the guide incase you do not know how to assign a exe to a Profile:

1. Guide here [by DHR]

After you do that find the folder where the exe is nested by default it is here:

x:\Program Files(x86)\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn\Game\ffxiv_dx11

insert the fix there. here is the Download link:

EDIT there are 2 links 1 is for the Windows 10-64bit fix and the other for Win7-64bit fix


Win 10 64bit FFXIV Fix v1.4.1

Here are my Reccomended Graphic settings (Your mileage may vary):

1. General
    a. Enable wet surface areas (Checked)
    b. Real time reflections = On
    c. edge smoothing = FXAA
    d. Transparent light  =  High
    e. Grass Quality = High
    f. Parallax Occlusion = High
    g. Tessalation = High
    h. Glare = Standard
    I.  Map res = High

2. Shadow all = Display.

3. Use Low detail models on shadows
    a. Shadow res = med
    b. Cascading = Off
    c. Softening = weak

4. Texture filtering= Anistropic
     a. Level = 8x  (end user setting whatever you desire)

5. Movement Physics ALL = Checked

6. Effects ALL = OFF

7.Screen space Ambient Occlusion
   a. HBAO+Standard
   b Glare = Normal

I think most shadow settings are superfluous and may be set at any level (Untested)
Other then those settings you may need to experiment what is best for your Particular PC.

Oh and 1 other thing,  I put in a Convergance Preset which may need to be configured by yourself.. I set it too what I like. so the setting may vary dependent on what you like convergance set at..

Here are the Keystrokes and what they do:

1. "," ket sets the convergance down too 1.5 for Cut Scenes..
2. "." key sets it back for ingame setting..
3. "[" this sets the cycle of convergance settings for nameplates/ Hud items

UPDATE v2.1: I set the mouse cursor with a convergance hotkey and on a cycle.. you need to use the Software Cursor ingame.. just goto ingame options then mouse it is there check it on and voila the moue will be at same depth with nameplates and hud.. also combined it with the convergance keys already set..


Update v2.2: I had a error in the code for the skyboxes but I corrected it and found 2 other shaders.. I need to find the shader for a light that pops on in buildings near a light source like a lamp.. it is a small annoyance but the sky was a doosie.. I think I finally cracked it and I set the preset convergance down for ingame setting to 4.5..


The Nephilim

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Evil Within (DX11)



Update (08/23):
- Add support for all DLC

- Shadows
- Lights
- Lights clipping
- Reflections (walls, water, others)
- Decals (Blood and others)
- Lensflares (aproximate)
- Some 2D objets
- Crosshair is in 3D

- "P" key for recommended convergence.
- "O" key cycle crosshair depth.

TB and SBS Mode: 
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. The game will start by default in TAB 3D Mode. F11 to cycle through different 3D Modes (CB, SBS and TAB)

You can use the fullscreen option in the video game. I remove a shader that cause the entire screen goes black in cinematics and menu

Shortcuts for Separation and Convergence works normally.

**Disable Nvidia Fake3D with CTRL+ALT+F11**

- Extract the .zip where  EXE is located

** Do you like the fix? **
If you like the fix, you can donate to this PAYPAL account:

Monday, August 8, 2016

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

- Water reflections.
- Floor reflections.
- Portals.
- Wrong refraction/transparency in some special attacks.

- A double image effect that appears for a split second when you start to fly fast.

- F1 and F2: convergence presets. To overwrite the settings, press ctrl+F7.
- F3: environment cel shading toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F4: characters cel shading toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F5: bloom toggle (if it's enabled in the game options). Not disabled by default.
- F6: sun shafts + shiny sun shader toggle. Not disabled by default. To disable it correctly, don't press the key when you are looking at the effect or it will get stuck in that position. You can do it just after you boot the game, for example.
- F7: crosshair (among other things, like the d-pad left information) depth presets. Screen depth by default. Keep pressing this hotkey to increase depth (multiple steps between 50% and 100%). As it isn't dynamic, its accuracy will depend on distance and the depth you choose. Warning: area icons in portals are also used in the d-pad up mission briefing, so they will be at depth there too.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game ("DB Xenoverse" folder).

Sunday, August 7, 2016

1979 Revolution - Black Friday (DX9)

Last Updated:  August 08, 2016

What this mod does:
- Fixes haloing, lights, shadows

  1. Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that has the game's exe file.
  2. Use Nvidia Inspector to assign the game's EXE to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)
  3. In your Steam library, right click on "1979 Revolution - Black Friday" and select "Properties"
  4. Click "Set Launch Options"
  5. In the box, type -force-d3d9 and click "Ok"

 I made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
 If you like this mod, please consider supporting DarkStarSword on Patreon         

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arma3 Fix (W.I.P)

 Hi All,

I thought I would post the current 3D Arma3 fix.. I read the post that had a beginning post and with the help of D-Man11, Helifax I was able to get Arma 3 Fixed up a bit. At least the White Trees, Bushes and Branches are now normal..

Here is the list of what to do:

1. First Associate Arma3.exe, Arma3Launcher.exe with The Witcher 3 Profile in NVidia inspector, and Delete the Original Arma3 Profile..

2. Input the fix found in the DL Link Provided in with the Arma 3 EXE. it contains the 2 bad shader files that needed fixing and the Helix Mod.. Here is where the EXE is nested under Steam:
     2a. x:/ local disk/ Program Filesx86 / Steam / steamapps / common / Arma3 / .......

3. Then start up Arma3 and go to the Options/Video menu and set the following likewise:
     3a. Under General/Quality set shadow to Disabled (Still need to work on these) it was reported in the original thread you can set too low but it seemed wierd, you can try and see what you think..
      3b. Under Lighting set HDR to Low.. I just did that because of past issues with HDR but it may or may not work at a higher setting (untested)

      3c. AA +  PP Set Bloom, Radial Blur, Rotational Blur and Debth of Field to ZERO..

      4d. Antialiasing set FSAA, PPAA too Disabled..

      5e. Anistropic Filter can be set to whatever you like..

Now With all that done Go into a SinglePlayer -- Showcase mission: Infantry. When the Mission starts the 3D should kick in upon Mission Start. IF it does not do this:

   1. Alt + Tab Out of the game then click the Arma 3 Icon in the taskbar. The game should first minimize then it maximizes upon clicking the Arma 3 Icon in Taskbar and 3D should now be enabled..

But the first time you run the game following the above directions it should just kick in the first time. But if you quit the Mission and goto another mission the 3D may not kick in first time, just do the ALT + Tab trick and it should enable 3d.. I am stumped as to why it does this..

I have noticed in Multiplayer the 3D would not kick in even with the ALT + TAb but entering the Launcher.exe in  The_Witcher 3.exe made it kick in first try.. but subsequent restarting of a mission may not make it work. just alt + tab out and in it should come on..

If it just plain refuses to start in 3D, Please post maybe we need to look further into how to better get 3D enabled ingame..

One Last thing I don't think this fix works with BattleEye.. So if you play on a server with that enabled you may be out of luck.. Be Carefull with this mod and Arma3 Battleye.. I have no idea what will happen. I play on a Private server so no  need for me to worry about it..

EDIT: Well with Battleye Enabled and the fix installed the game will get an error message upaon launching and not run.. So basically you can NOT PLay this game with Battleye and the 3D fix enabled.. :(

Here is the link for the Zipped folder with the Current Fix:

1.Download Link to Arma3 Mod 3D Fix..


EDIT: I updated the file and fixed the Aiming Reticle in the red dot at least but should work for other scopes.. you can either use the rifle zoomed out or zoomed in while pressing the "ALT" keypress. it is a toggle that disables the convergance when aiming the rifle..

I just did a quick test in Infantry and it was pretty accurate.. I have to get a way to use the on screen pointer but will need to figure out how to do that.. Hopefully we will have more accurate shots.. 

IF you would like to remove the ingame Crosshair here is where the setting is just set too Zero and save file..


Open with Notepad++ and goto line 484: weaponCrosshair=0;

Set too Zero to remove the ingame crosshair..

If you like this mod. Just a Thank you and more to it I hope you can now Enjoy Arma 3 In Glorious S3D.. ;) Don't forget to thank all the other modders and coders.. Without their work we would not have so many DX11/DX9 games working Great in S3D.. THNX ALL!!